Je suis un
Habitant à Munich.

super que vous soyez ici
que je puisse vous montrer ce que je fais


Je suis Chris et j'habite à Munich.
J'ai étudié l'informatique commerciale
et les human factors engineering
avec une spécialisation dans
la conception d'interactions.
J'y ai découvert ma passion pour les
design inspirant.

Je suis Chris et j'habite à Munich.
J'ai étudié l'informatique commerciale
et les human factors engineering
avec une spécialisation dans
la conception d'interactions.
J'y ai découvert ma passion pour les
design inspirant.





D'ébauches manuscrites
à des prototypes avec Sketch, Figma ou Adobe CC.
Applications web en HTML / CSS / JavaScript



Des interactions agréables.
Implémentation d'une conception centrée sur l'utilisateur.
Création de logos et guides de style.



Des sites web captivants.
De l'idée au site web complet et fonctionnel.
Réalisé avec Bootstrap, jQuery ou WordPress.



Des produits de haute qualité et des concepts innovants.
Visualisation avec Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino et Keyshot.
Construction de prototypes par découpe laser et impression 3D.



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Client: University Project Think.Make.Start.

Category: Product Design, App Design, Web Design

Year: 2018

Duration: 2 weeks

Further Links: website, journey

We asked 100 people what annoyed them most when listening to presentations by others. As a conclusion, we decided to develop a system that allows people to get (live) feedback for the speed, prosody and volume of their voice during a presentation. Our system consists of a smart speaker device with a built-in microphone and a light stripe for live feedback. Furthermore we designed an app that allows the user to get more detailed feedback after a presentation and for training.

emma emma speaker desk

Our system can be used as a training partner for your presentation and even during your live presentation to indicate for example the speed of your voice via the light stripe.


Our app has more features, like a singstar version of great speeches (e.g. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King) and special exercises to improve your individual presentation skills.


This is our team representing six different disciplines.

team team


Client: Hackathon FC Bayern Munich

Category: UI / UX Design, Web Design

Year: 2018

Duration: 3 days

During a 4 day hackathon organized by FC Bayern Munich and UnternehmerTUM I took part in the DHL Challenge to create a platform for the global FC Bayern Family. We designed a webpage where fans of Bayern Munich can take part in different challenges and gather points. They can upload pictures with their Bayern Munich merch which are shown on an interactive world map depending on their current location. A Bayern Munich Family all over the world connected by DHL.

fc bayern

We also developed a VR Bayern Munich Wall with pictures of fans that is transforming into a globe and finally the most know Bayern Munich slogan #miasanmia.

vr vr wall


Client: Just for fun

Category: Illustration

skyline frauenkirche allianz arena siegestor olympiaturm olympiaturm


Client: Interdisciplinary University Project

Category: Product Design, UI Design

Year: 2018

Duration: 6 months

The goal of this project was to understand how emotions affect human-machine interaction. Therefore, we built a ticket machine that interacts by using speech-to-speech. We animated suitable responses to our predefined dialog and performed a Wizard of Oz experiment with 60 people. We developed 3 different interfaces for the ticket machine. One which shows only the text output, one showing text and an avatar, and the last interface which shows an emotional avatar with facial expressions. Furthermore we designed a logo for our machine and some tiles to make our text output more attractive and have more visual impact.

interface avatar logo app ticket

Our ticket machine has integrated a working bill validator and a space with a flexible wall where you can get your ticket.

ticket machine


Client: University Project

Category: App Design

Year: 2017

Duration: 6 months

For a university project we had the idea to create an app where travelers and locals are able to connect with each other through similar activities. We were inspired by Google Trips but missing the opportunity to plan real activities together. We developed our App in an iterative process starting by building a prototype and evaluating/testing it right after.

First we asked users how they travel, what they expect during their travels, if they want to get in touch with locals and if yes how they want to interact with them. Based on our findings we created a first paper prototype of our app.

The app allows you to create trips to different cities and select activities in which you would be interested in participating. Based on the dates and activities you enter, locals who are living in this city are shown and you are able to get in contact with them.

After testing our first prototypes we decided to sketch our app in more detail. Therefore, we created a logo and agreed on a color and font styleguide.


Then we started with our iterative process to build a more advanced prototype …


… and later on a real Web-App in HTML/CSS/JS.

webapp webapp webapp webapp


Client: University Project

Category: Product Design

Year: 2018

Duration: 6 months

The task was to redesign an already existing product in a more ecological way following the Cradle-to-Cradle approach. We decided to rethink the camping chair in the context of festivals. Many people tend to leave their chair when the festival is over and as most of the chair consists of plastic and the different parts are hard to separate, it is not very ecological.


We created Nachtfalter - a chair that can be folded out of a carton.


By following these six steps you can fold a nice chair with a back out of a bicycle carton.


And the best is you can even fold the same carton to a box to carry your festival equipment or to a flat version if you want to carry the chair in a more convenient way.

use cases

This chair consists of only one material, that can be 100% recycled and perfectly fits the needs of a camping chair for festival.

sketch sketch sketch


Client: Car Industry

Category: UI Design

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 day

Screens for an innovative and easy to use touch interface in cars.

car interface car interface

Car surrounding © gatefiy


Client: UNICARagil (funded by BMBF)

Category: UI Design

Year: 2019

Duration: 6 months

As part of my master's thesis, we developed an interior concept for an autonomous taxi together with students from Singapore. We called the Interior Concept NAMI. In particular, I was working on the design of the human-machine interaction, which included a smartphone app, a functional armrest with a wooden surface and a ceiling display. The ceiling display integrates a personal assistant that was animated for an exemplary taxi ride.

The interior concept was developed as part of the UNICARagil project that is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).

unicaragil city taxi interior concept interior people

Styleguide for Interior and UI Design.


Exemplary Logos. We decided to take the top three on the right.

nami logo

Screens for the NAMI Smartphone App.

nami app

Screens for the Ceiling Display inside the interior.

ceiling display ceiling display

Functional armrest covered by a wooden surface. In a visual ...


... and a physical prototype.

armrest prototype armrest prototype

The following video shows a summary of our interior concept.

Earlier version of the interior concept.

first version interior first version interior first version interior table


Client: Hackathon Junction

Category: App Design, Service Concept

Year: 2018

Duration: 3 days

During JUNCTION 2018 we developed a solution that will support citizen engagement and sense of community through bringing AR technology to public buildings and places. Check it out!

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